Our family

An inherited knowledge

An olive grove
that has been passed down
   for 5 generations

The passion for the olive has been cultivated in our family for several generations. For over two centuries, it has woven a deep bond between men, the land, and the product of their arduous efforts to achieve excellence.

Since 1800, the culture of the olive grove has been at the heart of our family and has united the generations. Each of them proudly maintains this heritage of knowledge to continue developing the fruit of the requirement.

Golden Olive offers you this expertise and knowledge through El Empiedro, our exceptional premium extra virgin olive oil, and a demanding and informed selection of the best and most excellent products on the market.

Our strength

A protected and worldwide recognized know-how

A controlled designation of origin

The fabulous lands of Priego de Córdoba offer this exceptional quality that has been recognized since 1995 for its outstanding quality.

A company on a human scale

Golden Olive is a family business with a spirit of quality, rigor, and excellence.

Our wish is to

Share with you the richness and poetry of premium olive oil, a product with exceptional gustatory and beneficial qualities

100% Iberian,
100% delicious

Spain alone produces 60% of the world’s olive oil. The region of Priego de Córdoba has been recognized for its land and its exceptional products. The Priego de Córdoba PDO is the most awarded worldwide, with more than 2’500 international awards.